Behind the name 

I have always been obsessed with lavender, the colour, the smell – everything about it!

I used to infuse my water with sprigs of lavender and drink it before bed to help me get a good sleep, but it became harder to get my hands on lavender, especially during the winter.

Once I was introcuded to essential oils, lavender quickly became my #1 go-to oil! I use it for everything.

•I put a drop in my water at night

•I put a few drops on a cloth and toss it in my dryer during the last 20 minutes to give my clothes an amazing scent

•I have used lavender in a spray bottle to use on my sheets and pillows to help with sleep

•I diffuse lavender in the evenings to help calm us down and get us ready for bed

•I use a rollerball of lavender and coconut oil on the bottom of Atticus’ feet at night to help him calm down for bed (my 3.5 month old sleeps through the night, 8-10, sometimes 12 hours – just saying!)

There are so many beneficial ways to use lavender! It’s soothing and healing – definitely a must have oil for anyone. Lavender has had such a positive impact on my life and all it takes is a single drop!

xo Katie


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